2020 – 2021 Calendar Raffle Open for Purchase



Everything you need to know:

  • One (1) ticket costs $25.00
  • Each ticket gives you ONE (1) lucky number
  • The tickets will be manually E-Mailed to the E-Mail address on the order
  • The raffle starts on July 1, 2020
  • The winning number will be based upon the FIRST evening Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 4 number
  • The ticket and lucky number is good for the entirety of the raffle (365 drawings)
  • 365 chances to win!
  • The winning numbers will be posted on the website

Calendar Raffle Prizes and Results

The prize list and results page have been relocated to better organize the site.

Navigate to the main menu on the top of the page; select Fundraising, then select Raffles, then select 2019 – 2020 Calendar Raffle.

Shout-out to Roswell Livestock in New Mexico

Every once in awhile a Christmas spree amazes you for one reason or another. Well it happened today!! A LEO family wanted to go to a local place called https://www.roswelllivestock.com to shop. Contact was made with the business to inform them that officers in uniform would be in to support the son of a local officer. The spree started and an older lady, the owner, greeted them and told them whatever Sammy wanted to take 2. When they went to check out, the owner told them the shopping was on them. Wow! Some people just get it!! Remember we can only do these sprees with your support.