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About the raffle:

  • One (1) ticket costs $25.00
  • Each ticket gives you ONE (1) lucky number
  • The tickets will be manually E-Mailed to the E-Mail address on the order
  • The raffle starts on July 1, 2024
  • The winning number will be based upon the FIRST evening Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 4 number (straight as drawn)
  • The ticket and lucky number is good for the entirety of the raffle (365 drawings)
  • 365 chances to win!
  • The winning numbers will be posted on the website



Things you need to know:

Thank you for your donation in purchasing this calendar. All winners will be contacted by cell, or email so make sure your cell # and email address are correct when you place your order. It is very important when you win to complete the form emailed to you completely, and to follow all the instructions on the instruction sheet completely.


  1. Must be 18 years of age to claim prize.
  2. All gun prizes will be transferred to a FFL Dealer near the winner.
  3. All cash prizes will be sent to the winners by mail.
  4. Winners are responsible for all state registration fees and taxes.
  5. The ticket stub must be filled out completely and returned with your donation to be eligible for prizes.
  6. LEO-Only will not be responsible for any improper use of prizes.
  7. All numbers are played straight as drawn.
  8. All numbers are based on the First Evening Official Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 4 Number
  9. If no number is drawn, the previous day’s number in reverse will be used.
  10. If a winner is deemed ineligible due to inability to pass NICS (instant), or is Denied at the Dealer for any other reason, the winner will be given the cost of the gun in cash minus the return shipping cost.
  11. If a designated prize on the list is not available, a substitute of equal or greater value will be used.
  12. All winners will be notified by USPS, email, or cell phone, and must present identification to FFL Dealer to received their gun.
  13. All winners must be respond within 30 days of notification and paperwork submitted ASAP afterwards.
  14. If there are duplicate winners, the winners will split the purchase price of the gun or cash prize evenly.
  15. LEO-Only has final say in any concerns that may arise.
  16. Winners are responsible for their own registration, taxes and transfer fees
  17. View prizes and winners on leo-only.org
  18. Winner is responsible to ensure prize is legal in their area prior to it being shipped.
  19. ALL PRIZES WILL BE FORFEITED IF NOT CLAIMED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF THE WINNING DATE… (all required paperwork submitted and prize shipped)


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