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This note is from one of our LEO spouses:

Her name is Ashley O’Neal Skelton. They need our help. Please read her post below and order shirts if you can. They need to raise at least $3,500 to get their son a service dog.

Hello everyone! If any of you could help us we’d be forever grateful. My beautiful little boy Noah is 5 and has autism. We are a police family of 5 on one income. My son would greatly benefit from a service dog but as you can imagine service animals are expensive and with a family of 5 their isn’t a lot of extra just lying around. We are already in the works of getting our son his service dog but finances are holding us back. Below is a link where we will be selling shirts to help raise the money for our sons dog. If you could help it would mean the world to me and my little family. I am also including a picture of Noah and of the little of pups born this last Saturday. Hopefully very soon one of those lucky girls will have a loving forever home with my son. Thank you all and god bless.

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