LEO Only raises funds from many different sources in order to provide Christmas shopping sprees to the children of fallen brothers and sisters. Further information on these shopping sprees can be found on our main page.

In this fund raising section you will find information on all of the ways that we work to raise funds including the items that we have for sale, information on our raffles and how to purchase tickets, and information for our online vendor partners who assist us with sales of LEO Only clothing items and other LEO Only labeled gear as well as sales of other  LEO Only branded  items from which we get a percentage to use for our kids shopping sprees.

We appreciate our vendor partners  and their efforts  very much.  Their assistance makes  our job much easier, so we encourage you to take a look and if you see something that catches your eye, please purchase and support our efforts to make Christmas a reality for the kids and get some nice LEO Only items for yourself at the same time.

We also accept donations. If this would be the way in which you would like to help, information on how to make a donation is shown  inside.

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